7 Best Hose End Sprayers in 2021

The Hose end sprayers are the tool used for spraying a liquid product in the garden. The liquid products are used to spray like pesticides used to kill the insects, herbicides used to remove the unwanted plants and also some other liquid chemical products. Mainly hose end sprayers are designed as the siphon out the liquid products from the bottle and these liquid mixes up with the water and which sprays on the other end to the garden. When you turn on the spray the water passes through the spray head due to the vacuum the liquid product starts to flow from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the head by bit and mix up with the water and it is sprayed out on the other end to the garden and it continues. When you turn off the sprays then the holes are closed and you can spray when you desire. The button is provided for the turn on and turn off the spray. These hose end sprayers differ according to the brand like materials used to make and differ in their size of the holes and spray type. There are 5 types of sprays that differ according to the nozzle. So while buying these hose end sprayers ensure that it is convenient for your uses and make you comfortable while you’re working in the garden for a long time.

7 Best Hose End Sprayers reviews

1. Chapin G362 Professional Hose End Sprayer

Brand : Chapin International products
Item Weight : 14.4 ounces
Rating : 3.9

Chapin G362 provides you with built-in anti-siphon features which prevent the backflow. This chapin has a poly fan nozzle and helps you to adjust the spray pattern. And it sprays about upto 100 gallons and fits onto any hose end. The liquid product which automatically mixes up with the water and sprays out. These hose end sprayers are used for multiple purposes and which is suitable for spraying in the large area with convenience because they provide you with a large capacity. And the liquid product always mixes up with the water in accurate measure. These chapin fits to any hose so you don’t need to buy a new garden hose separately so this choice makes you convenient. These sprayers have features of a removable deflector and it has the average pressure of 40 PSI and the spray reaches up to 28 feet away from the source.


Fits to any hose.
The capacity sprays upto 100 gallons.
The average pressure is about 40 PSI reaches 28-feet away from the source.


​When liquid reaches the low level in capacity it will not pick up the liquid product.

Who should buy?
Chapin G362 are suitable for those who spend a lot of time with the hose end sprayers and which is suitable for spraying in the large area with convenience.

2. Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer

Brand : Ortho
Item Weight : 11.2 ounces
Rating : 4.4 ounces

The Ortho Dial N Spray hose end sprayers are mostly used in the weed killers, insect killers and fertilizers. The design of the sprayer comes with the extended grip for handy. This sprayer allows you to spray in three different patterns which are faster, slower and jet. The concentrate bottle allows you to connect to the applicator firmly with one-quarter turn so you can connect directly to the concentrate bottle. Or pour the desired amount to the concentrate bottle and screw applicator with the suction tube and you don’t need to add water. You need to connect to the garden hose and squeeze the trigger to sprays and once the work is finished unscrew the bottle. The sprayers have 14 dials settings that allow you to easily apply the precise amount of chemical automatically. This ortho sprayer is made up of plastic build and it will give you a long life and soon it develops cracks and leaks.


The sprayers provide you an extended grip for handy.
These sprayers provide 3 adjustable patterns.
These have 14 dials settings that allow you to easily apply the precise amount of chemical automatically.


The build quality of the materials is plastic and does not give long life.

Who should buy?
These ortho sprayers are best for those who don’t want to pick up the chemicals through hands and it will reduce your time and make it more comfortable and convenient to use.

3. Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer

Brand : HD Hudson
Item Weight : 4.8 ounces
Rating : 4.0

The Hudson sprayers allow you to control three settings: turn off, on, and spray only water. And it sprays only 20 gallons. Pour the desired amount of chemical into the bottle to make the desired amount of gallons or fill the liquid product into the bottle for desired amount of gallons and mix up with water well. Connect the sprayers end to the garden hose and this easily fits to any hose and turns on the water valve and spray to your entire garden area. If the chemical product in the powder form and you needed 5 gallons of finished sprays means then fill the capacity tank with the 5 tablespoon of chemical and fill up with water up to 5 gallons marked on the tank. Always clean the capacity tank to avoid mixture between other chemicals. For proper clean you needed to refill with clean water in the capacity tank and spray for 1 minute and repeat the process once you finished spraying so by this you can avoid mixture between other chemicals. The price range of this sprayer is affordable and reasonable and it performs well. The transparent bottle allows you to monitor the liquid level making it more convenient to use.


The high-density polyurethane which is resistant to acid and harsh chemicals.
The transparent bottle gives monitoring.
These sprayers allow you to control in 3 settings.


The sprayer doesn’t have a dial.

Who should buy?
These hose end sprayers are affordable and convenient to use at home. And this also provides you with a good capacity tank.

4. Gilmour 362 Professional hose End Sprayer

Brand : Gilmour products
Item Weight :14.4 ounces
Rating : 4.1

The Gilmour 362 have high performance in our list and also have a higher price range. These provide you an instant turn on and off for easy handling. The capacity and convenience makes more comfortable features in these hose end sprayers compared to other sprayers in the list. And these sprayers have finger molded nozzles to make it comfortable to use and cover a large area in less time. And also have the brass mixing head, heavy duty zinc will provide you more durability. And the removable deflector will provide you to change the spray to stream mode to minimize your time. The material which dial and let you choose from the 16 dilution rate.


Heavy duty zinc handles provide for more durability.
Removable deflector to switch between spray and stream.
Fingered-molded nozzle which covers a large area in less time.


Used funnel to prevent spilling because of the narrow mouth opening.

Who should buy?
These sprayers are suitable for both professional workers and for house workers. But the price of the sprayer is a bit expensive compared to other sprayers in our list but these sprayers are convenient to use.

5. Chapin G385 Hose End Sprayer

Brand :Chapin International products
Item Weight :4.8 ounces
Rating : 4.2

Chapin G385 fits onto any hose and the removable fan-spray nozzle will help you to change from spray to stream mode. And this mode will help you for the stream mode application like car wash and these will cover a large area and speed up the flow and minimize your time. These sprays are suitable for all water soluble insecticides and chemicals. And it provides 6 gallons of finished spray. These sprayers have fingertip on and off control with built-in anti-siphons to prevent backflow feature provided in it. Polymer construction gives rustproof and chemical resistance and also provides you with more durability. And this chapin sprayer comes with affordable and this sprayer used in most types of the soluble insecticides chemical sprays. And it fits onto any hose that makes it comfortable and convenient to use.


This sprayer fits onto any hose end.
Removable nozzle convert sprays to stream mode.
Fingertip turn on and off switch is provided.


The sprayer lid detaches and falls off if you overtighten.

Who should buy?
The chapin G385 is also best for those who are looking for home use like weed killers and insecticides and other chemicals. The price of this sprayer is affordable and this also provides you to switch between stream mode and sprays which can be used for stream mode application.

6. Hudson 62140 Convertible Hose End Sprayer

Brand : Hudson
Item Weight :12.7 ounces
Rating : 3.2

The Hudson sprayer provides you an adjustable 3 spray pattern for the user convenience. And the sprayer fits directly to the chemical bottle and hand sprayer. It adapts to fit with multiple container sizes. There is no mixture needed for the capacity bottle because it already comes with a ready state so you can directly connect the chemical bottle to the sprayer. And the dial settings to any concentrate dilution and it works as a comfortable hose end sprayer. And it is easy to disconnect the hose fit. If you need to move the chemical from one concentrate bottle to another bottle then there will be no spilling because it accommodates various container sizes. Most of them use these sprayers for car washing other applications. The dial settings provide any concentrate dilution so make comfortable while spraying chemicals.


This sprayer also works as the hose and the sprayer.
The sprayer provides you an adjustable 3 spray pattern.
You can directly connect the concentrate bottle to the sprayer.


It needed more chemicals while the mixture was a little off.

Who should buy?
In other sprayer you needed to refill the concentrate bottle from the chemical container to sprayer bottle to continue but in these sprayers you can use the chemical container as the concentrate bottle if you don’t like emptying the chemicals to the sprayer bottle.

7. Ortho 0836560 Dial N Spray hose End Sprayer

Brand : Ortho
Item Weight : 12.8 ounces
Rating : 4.0

The Ortho Dial N sprayers are mostly for weed killers, insect killers and fertilizers and you don’t need to worry about the measurement or mixing of the chemical because it always gives you an accurate amount and this is the easiest way to spray concentrates so the chemical automatically mixes the correct amount of product needed. And you can spray in your garden or yard quickly which also minimizes your time and covers a large area because this sprayer will also work as the hose end tree sprayer when you remove the nozzle the spray will reach up to 25 feet away from you. This sprayer will also provide multi directional spray to reach all directions in a short time.


The sprayer does not need mixing or measuring.
Multi directional spray for convenience to use and spray in a short time.
This allows for the adjustments of concentrate level.


If you fail to fit the hose right then it is prone to leakage.

Who should buy?
These sprayers are handy for weed killers, insect killers and also for fertilizers. This sprayer comes with the basic design and with an affordable price range. And this sprayer has nothing much to figure it out.

Things to Consider When Buying hose End Sprayer

Hose end sprayers are used in the garden for different purposes and these hose end sprayers differ based on the build quality of the material and nozzle decides the spray type. And these build qualities differ by brand and the spray type differ by the holes sizes of the nozzle. There are many hose end sprays in the market and if you needed to choose by yourself then you needed to get a clear understanding about the hose end sprayers and you need to ensure the following to get the suitable hose end sprayers for your garden.

Task / Application

There are many hose end sprayers with different spray types in the market. Picking the suitable hose end sprayer for your task is the first important thing. If you’re picking the hose end sprayers for the herbicides, insecticides or some liquid chemical products for your garden. You need to consider the size of the garden that you need to spray. Because spraying for the large area then it takes more time so picking the suitable spray type and good sprayer will make the work easier and comfortable.


You need to ensure the capacity of the tank and it depends on your garden area you need to spray. If you did not pick up the right capacity tank then this will take time to spray. Choosing the suitable capacity tank for your garden is important because these will make you convenient and comfortable to spray the garden area in less time.


Streams decide the flow of spray and which is controlled by you. These streams are controllable and If you increase the stream then this will speed up the flow of tasks. So this allows you to adjust the flow of speed and there are many types provided in hose end sprayers depending on the brand you can choose the light mist, solid stream, full cone, flat fan and others. So ensure the sprayers which can adjust stream control for your different tasks.

Quality Construction

If you’re going to spend more time with these hose end sprayers then choosing the good build quality is important. You needed to avoid buying the hose end sprayers for each task and you should ensure the leakage of the chemical from the capacity tank which sealed perfectly. The material is either plastic or steel and it should give more durability. And the build quality of the material will make you comfortable to spray for a long time.

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