5 Best Wood Jointer of 2021 – Review

5 Best Wood Jointer of 2021 – review

If you’re spending more time by straightening the wood then a jointer will help you to straighten the wood in less time. Buying a jointer is expensive but it is a reasonable and affordable price range and will do your work in less time. Once you use the jointer it will become the irreplaceable thing in your workshop. There are many jointers in the market and we will guide you to the best 5 jointers with affordable price range.

Why Do You Need a Jointer Instead of a Planer?

You may have doubts like why we should prefer the jointer instead of planer. Planer and jointer are used for making the wood straightening but the planer makes the whole plank in equal thickness on both sides of the wood and the jointer will straighten only one face of the wood at the time. But the jointer has one pros and cons in the same points, making one specific face straighten is cons compared to planer but if you need only one face to straighten for all woods then these will be your best choice compared to planer. And also you can buy the lawber with a cheaper price range then the lawber must have a dissimilar surface and you can straighten by these jointers with only one edge of it a specific face and make it for your projects with cost effective and in less time. Here the 8 inch joiner review is also added.

5 Best Wood Jointer Reviews

  1. Jet JJ- 8HH 8-inch Helical Head Jointer

Brand : Jet products
Weight :521 lbs
Power : 2 HP
Rating : 4.4

The JET JJ-8HH comes with the helical cutter head with the carbide inserts that allows the machine faster and results in better finishes and quieter cut on the wood. The JET JJ-8HH provided an extra long infeed and outfeed table with heavy dust cast iron for the good machine finish. And the table has the large chrome handwheels for the easy handle reach lock makes the table adjustable less of a hassle. The tall, rigid fence provides you with additional support and the two way tilting fence with positive stops at 45’ and 90’ to handle for the sloping surface of the carpentry operation. The machine comes with a bench-top that will combine with all your materials and the helical cutter head trims the wood smoothly and perfectly. These are driven by the heavy dust motor with a constant torque sent to the knives for the smooth trim of wood. The whole helical cutter head design is the model revamped over past models and today performance of this model is beast. The machine comes with a dust collector system and this included with 4 inch dust port fits and these systems are stable in their operation.


Good cut design.
The base cabinet is provided for the motor.
No vibration feels when the motor spins.


Helical cutter head not suitable for rabbeting.

Who should buy?
If you know some knowledge about operating the jointer then these jointers give better choice but for beginners these jointers need a small learning curve for operating.

2. Powermatic 1610086K 60HH 8-inch Jointer

Brand : Powermatic
Weight :518 lbs
Power : 2 HP
Rating : 4.2

The Powermatic 8-inch jointer has a helical cutter head with sided inserts and these provide you trim the wood with smoother and quieter cuts to give you a better finish. These machines provide you an infeed and outfeed with extra large in size and these allow you to mount and that fits perfectly on both sides together. The lever is provided to adjust the infeed and outfeed table for better position and gives fine tuning of cut depth. Steering wheel type that controls the worm gear system provided for the smooth fence tilting. The switch is provided as a high mount for the operator convenience. The infeed table can rapidly position the height of the table with the help of lever and rotate the handle for the adjustment of the cut depth. The non-mar is provided for a fence to protect them from the scratches while adjusting the table and the table is 73” length extended to provide support for the wood and you can easily fit the lamber wood perfectly. This machine is driven by powerful 2HP motors. The dust collection minimum upto 450 CFM.

Power uses 2 HP heavy-duty motor.
These jointers provide magnetic push blocks.
The infeed table is easily adjustable.
These provide only 240V only.

Who should buy?
This jointer will quickly straighten the edges of the lumbar fast and effectively. And these jointers will give you a smooth and user friendly environment experience.

3. Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-inch Jointer

Brand : Powermatic
Weight :328 lbs
Power : 1 HP
Rating : 4.8

The Powermatic 6-inch jointer is provided with a four sided knife for the smoother, quieter cutting and this gives fine finish to the wood. The infeed and outfeed table is provided with a length of 6-inch and gives you a convenient working surface. The dust collection minimum upto 450 CFM. the table surface at the 32 inches above the greyhound for the comfortable. The lever is provided for the fine and quick adjustments of the infeed table and ensures precision cuts. Near the floor the exterior four inch diameter port is provided to keep the hose out of the way to prevent tripping accidents. The infeed and outfeed table provided a large working surface for convenient support. And it is mounted on the dovetailed ways to keep it perfectly aligned through height changes. In the steering wheel type the outfeed table height will be adjusted for the comfortable. This powermatic 6-inch jointer is only different in the smaller trimmed down features compared to the 8-inch jointer. The can drive smooth and consistent as the 8-inch jointer but the power of the motor is less with shorter arms compared to the 8-inch jointer. The design forms factors absorbs shock and these provide you with a smoother and linear experience. The machine has good build quality and weight and the knives allow you to cut materials at the 14 degree angle.

These jointers come with a 66 inches wide arm and 38 inches for easy to use.
And these provide you magnetic push blocks.
It is affordable and reasonable price range.
The power uses only 1HP.

Who should buy?
These jointers are one of the best for money with an affordable price range and it is reasonable. Here you can get the decent heavy dust wood straightening.

4. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 6-inch Jointer

Brand : Jet products
Weight :256 lbs
Power : 1 HP
Rating : 4.3

The JET 6-inch jointer comes with the steel enclosed with a base cabinet and the cabinet provides a stable surface table for comfort and it is 31 -¼ inches above the floor. The machine contains a fan-cooled motor for consistent performance. The power of the machine 1 HP motor and wired to help isolate the components from the dust prone jointer. The base cabinet is provided with a large door for easy access to the motor. The motor about to spin the cutter head in 6000 RPM provides both removing materials and gives a smooth surface on the wood. The iron table with the plane precision machined finish that keeps the wood sliding with ensuring accuracy. The table has 55-¾ x 7-⅜ inches to makes the projects pieces accurate and reliable. The steering wheel is provided for easy adjustments for the infeed and outfeed table to adjust height more accurately. The automatic limiter is provided in these machines for the safety protection in the infeed table to prevent the operation accident from taking aggressive cuts deeper than ⅛ inch. The machine has 45 and 90 degree fence stops.

The jointer provides great build quality and good design.
Give adjustable infeed height and adjustable fence.
Lever is provided for the easy position.
But it has only a short arm not suitable for long material.

Who should buy?
Beginner friendly jointer and right choice. This jointer is one of the best bench top jointer models and if you’re beginning with these jointers then this jointer will help you to learn the curve and understand about the jointer.

5. Porter-Cable PC160JT 6-inch Bench Jointer

Brand : Portable-Cable products
Weight : 40 lbs
Power : 1 HP
Rating : 4.4

The Porter cable jointer is great for woodworking and the table provides you with a plane surface for the perfect fits. The jointer is suitable for beginners to woodwork owing a good quality and this machine is great for doing some DIY projects around home and also doing some general works in a workshop. The motor provided in the machine spins an 6000 to 11000 RPM speed range allows the you to select the speed depending on your project material size and hardness of material being cut. Two knife cutter head with jack screw knife levering arrangement for the easy replacements and adjustable knives. The machine provides a built-in cutter lock for the knife replacement and adjustments. The infeed and outfeed table provided with the extra large surface for the support with 6” wide. The fence gives you support to cut throughout the edges accurately. The jointer has a straight plane surface that provides you a perfect fit and by this you can make your table legs, chair frames able to decorate the masterpiece for yourselves. This machine will be your controls and let you set the speed according to the materials size and hardness of the materials for trimming. But the machine is affordable with a reasonable price range with best additional features.

These jointer knives are easily replaceable.
Provide you with variable speed controls to yourselves.
Very beginner friendly and lever is provided for an easy position.
Used aluminium bench top instead of cast-iron.
Who should buy?
These jointers are suitable for beginners in preference to professionals in the operation of jointers. These jointers perform well but it is not enough for heavy dust jointer work.

Types of Jointer

There are many types of jointer in the market and the below following will help let you to understand about the jointer and its type. Choose the product which is suitable for your project and according to your future needs:

Closed Jointer

The closed jointer base is completely closed, preventing the cutterhead and motor from dust. Compared to other jointers this jointer is the safest to prevent injury and best choice for beginners and making the DIY home projects. This jointer shaves the wood from 6 inch to 16 inches.

Open Stand Jointer

The open stand jointer works the same as the closed jointer but this open stand the motor is exposed to the outside and has safety measures to follow while working with it. And another cons is while working with this jointer it makes a noise.

Tabletop Jointer

The tabletop jointer has the secured top but it does not provide an outfeed table.

Benchtop Jointer

The Benchtop jointer comes with the base completely closed to prevent the cutterhead and motor from the dust. And this jointer looks like a tabletop jointer. This shaves the materials with less than 6 inches in width gives good experience.

Longed jointer

The longed jointer provides an extra large arms and these deliver fine trimming but in this longed jointer only the infeed table is adjustable.

Hand Jointer

The hand jointer trimming the wood along the length and while a typical jointer only allows shaving from one end.

What to Look for When You Buying a Jointer

While buying the wood jointer you have to see the machine specification but most of us will only check the budget price range. If you’re buying the machine for general workshop projects then you should see the specification and features of the machine. And check if the price is affordable and reasonable or not. The following features and specifications that you should consider.

You have to choose the jointer which uses 1HP power because using more than 1 HP will give you a smooth surface and which fastly shaves the materials. If you increase the power it will also increase the smooth and speed of shaving materials and also increase the price so machines with 1HP give a better experience. And power is the factor to consider.

If you need the jointer only for the small and making home DIY projects then a 72 inch jointer will give you a better choice to work with a small place. But if you’re looking for the general work then you can consider the above mentioned best jointer.

The quality of the jointer depends on the price range you choose and it should give a long life. And the build quality of the jointer decides the life time of the jointer. As you increase in price range will also increase your build quality of the jointer.

Bed size
Bed size is defined as how wide the jointer can shave at one time. If your projects do not need more than 6-inches then you can choose the benchtop jointer but if your projects needed more than 6-inches then you have to choose to increase the bed size according to your projects.

Knife adjustments
These knife adjustments will make the difference while shaving the materials. If you buy a less expensive jointer it provides you with two knives and if you choose the expensive jointer it provides four knives for the smoothness of the material.

Cutting depth
The cutting depth should not be deeper than ⅛ inch per pass. To use the jointer for the smooth edges feed the material into the tool with a rough edge facing down. And this process is useful for straightening the warped wood.

Dust collection
Keeping your workplace clean will help you to prevent entering dust particles into your motor and cutterhead of the jointer.

The jointer should be easily portable when you need to remove it from the place so 40 lbs will make it easier while comparing with 600lbs.


There are many jointers in the market. We are not saying that these jointers are the best in the market but these jointers are affordable and reasonable price range. And there are many types of jointers and you have to decide which is suitable for your projects. Now you have a clear understanding about the jointer then you can decide which is best for you in these above mentioned jointers. If you are looking for the better build quality and good life time for work then we say to consider the powermatic 1610086K or 1791317K both are used for casual and general woodworking.

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