10 Best lathe tool sharpening system in 2022

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The Best lathe tool sharpening system Comparison In 2022

The Best lathe tool sharpening system In 2022

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Pro Grind Sharpening System For Lathe Turning Tools, Chisels, Skews, Gouges, Bowl Gouges, Spindle Gouges and More. Includes the Multi-Grind Jig for Gouges, Slotted Platform and Tool Rest

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as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • Sharpen chisels, gouges, bowl gouges, spindle gouges, carving tools, wood turning scrapers, parting tools, block plane irons and more with the PRO GRIND Sharpening System! With 3 primary methods of sharpening, you’ll be able to precisely hone each tool to your exacting specifications regardless of the tool you are sharpening. The PRO GRIND Sharpening System includes a vast collection of unique setup tools, jigs and accessories that most sharpening systems force you to purchase separately
  • The included and versatile Multi-Grind Jig will correctly shape the edge on bowl gouges, side grinds (aka Ellsworth grind, Liam O’Neil grind/Irish grind) or fingernail grinds for spindle work and detailing. Not only will it correctly shape your tools, you will also be able to repeat the process to produce consistent results every time. The Multi-Grind Jig is designed to be used with the included Multi-Grind arm on the PRO GRIND Sharpening System and will accept tools up to 1.125” in diameter.
  • The PRO GRIND Tool Rest Bar attachment offers you the best possible way to achieve a precise edge to your bevels without taking of too much material off of your tool. After all, we need our tools to last a long time, so why would you want to take off to much at a time? The Tool Rest Bar is ideal for sharpening curved, even bevel edges that are typically used on spindle and roughing gouges.
  • The large, 3” x 5” slotted platform is the ideal way to sharpen flat edged tools like wood turning skews, chisels and hand plane irons. The platform has a slot milled horizontally through it so it can accept the included tool holder. The tool holder is designed to keep your tools at the correct angle while being able to slide side to side during the sharpening process.
  • The PRO GRIND Sharpening System also comes with a number of setup jigs and accessories to help in the setup process to sharpen your tools to the proper and repeatable angles. From the built-in projection gauge on the Multi-Grind arm to the Magnetic Micro Bevel setup block you’ll be able to achieve consistent repeatable angles and produce excellent results each and every time you use the PRO GRIND Sharpening Jig system.

WEN BG4270T 10-Inch Two-Direction Water Cooled Wet/Dry Sharpening System

$140.50  in stock
as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • Features a 10-inch 220 grit sharpening stone and an 8-inch leather-stropping wheel
  • Reverse the rotational direction with the simple flip of a switch
  • 115 RPM provides maximum precision during sharpening
  • Universal jig support allows for compatibility with a wide variety of accessories, including the WEN 42704B Sharpening Kit
  • Includes an onboard carrying handle, an angle guide, a honing compound, an adjustable water reservoir, and a jig for sharpening chisels and planer blades

Wolverine Grinding System with VARI-GRIND jig and Setup Blocks

$164.32  in stock
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as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • Produce razor sharp tools and finely finished bevels
  • INCLUDES: the Wolverine Sharpening System & The VARI-GRIND jig and setup blocks!
  • The Wolverine System was designed to replace conventional light duty toolrests with heavy duty universal grinding and dressing jigs for low cost grinders.
  • Comes with 2 Set Up Blocks for setting the VARI-GRIND Jig witch saves time, frustration and money
  • Grinder and Turning Tools NOT included

Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Turning Tool Sharpener System including a Jig to Sharpen all Woodturning Tools up to 1-1/2" with Two Base Slides for Lathe Woodturning Tools TRUGR 01

$159.95  in stock
as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • COMPLETE SYSTEM GIVING EXACT BEVEL - Two base slides supplied allowing you to set up on each sharpening wheel. Jig designed to take mini tools right up to 1-1/2" in diameter tools. Unlike with other brands there is no need for several jigs and multiple accessories in your workshop. Fits most popular brands of 6" or 8" dry bench grinders such as Rikon or Jet.
  • RESULTS IN A SMOOTH FINISH TO YOUR PROJECTS - The Tru Grind Sharpening System will enable you to turn wood to a finish so smooth that even the end grain requires no sanding. Exact bevels will not only give your projects a smooth finish but also give you safer, more predictable tools. You will find you are sharpening your tools less which in turn means both your wheels and tools will last longer.
  • MOST PRECISE JIG AVAILABLE - The Tru Grind lathe tool sharpening jig has been thoughtfully designed and manufactured with a high quality design and finish. Unlike others in the market it locks into place producing precise, easy, sharpening. No mucking around to get the right sharpening angle each time therefore speeding up the process and saving tool length. Simply set the number on your lathe tool sharpening jig to repeat your preferred bevel every time.
  • OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We consistently get feedback from customers who have found the quality and performance of our products have exceeded expectations, but in case you don't agree, we offer a no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Give our Tru-Grind Sharpening System a go today, absolutely risk free!
  • USER GUIDES & VIDEOS SUPPLIED - An extensive user guide booklet is included in the box with your Tru-Grind Sharpening System, which includes two base slides and jig. User guide and demonstration videos available on our You Tube channel.

Sharp Pebble Sharpening Stones for Wood Carving Tools-Two Whetstones Grit 400 & 1000 Gouge Sharpener- Waterstone Sharpening System for Wood Carving Knives & Chisels with Non-Slip Bamboo Base

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as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • ⚡ Innovative Sharpening Stones: Our groundbreaking gouge sharpening stone comes with multiple grooves for sharpening Lathe Tools, Wood Carving Tools, Wood Chisel and Gouges with different contours. No more pain and hassle for trying to sharpen contoured woodworking tools & chisels on a flat whetstone.
  • ✅ Easy To Use: Our wood carving chisel sharpening stones kit is extremely easy to use. These carving tool sharpeners are waterstones and use Water for sharpening, so no need for expensive sharpening/honing oils and it doesn’t create a mess while sharpening. And can be easily cleaned by water.
  • Two Stones Multiple Grooves: The 400 grit is an aggressive stone for dull and damaged edges. The 1000 grit is used for sharpening & polishing the edges for maintenance. This wood carving tool sharpener has grooves of various contours, so it is easy to sharpen woodworking tools by matching the grooves of chisels to appropriate contours of the whetstone. It can also sharpen triangular and round chisels in the convex part of the whetstones.
  • Superior Performance: This wood carving knife & chisel sharpener are made from high-quality aluminum oxide compound with Japanese grit precision, Which helps provide excellent sharpening performance, toughness & polishing quality within minutes.
  • 100% Satisfaction: Not all Wood Carver Sharpeners are created equal. We only source premium quality material for the manufacturing of our Whetstone which provides superior sharpening performance. If you're not happy with any aspect of this Sharp Pebble Gouge Sharpener just let us know and we'll gladly replace your tool sharpener.

Ron Brown's Best Quick Sharpening Aids For Wood Lathe Tools

$79.77  in stock
as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • Use With OneWay Wolverine Sharpening Jig or Equivalent
  • Calibrated For Use With 8" Grinding Wheels
  • Quickly Set Sharpening Jig To Proper Grinding Angles
  • Use For Bowl Gouge, Spindle Gouge, Skew, Bowl Scraper, Parting Tool and Roughing Gouge
  • 100% Made In America Designed By A Professional Wood Turner For Wood Turners

Ron Brown's Best Quad Platform SettingJig For Wood Lathe Tools - Roughing Gouge, Skew, Parting Tool, Bowl Scraper

$19.99  in stock
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as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • Sets Platform Grinding Angles Quickly and Repeatably
  • Includes Settings For Skew, Parting Tool, Bowl Scraper and Roughing Gouge
  • Sets on platform and makes two points of contact to set the perfect angle
  • Designed to use all four sides, no adjustments needed
  • Calibrated for 8 inch grinding wheels

Diamond Sharpening Plate Set 4 PCS Grit 240/400/600/1000 Knife Sharpener Stone,Knife Sharpening Stone for Kitchen Knife Sharpener Professional Sharpening System-stone

$16.99  in stock
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as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • 4 DIFFERENT SHARPENING PLATES: There are four different diamond sharpening plates in total for knife sharpener. They respectively are #240 #400 #600 #1000, so you can choose to use them to sharpen the knife in accordance with their different speed and smoothness.
  • DIAMOND MATERIAL: The diamond sharpening plate is made from diamond, which turns out to be tougher, stronger and more durable than those made out of stone material. The powder does not fall off easily while sharpening a knife.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: One of the most outstanding features of this diamond sharpening plate is that there is no need to use water when you are sharpening the knife. Compared with the sharpening stone, this sharpening plate is proved to be working more efficiently.
  • MORE ACCURATE & EFFECTIVE: This type of sharpening plate can not only be used alone but more importantly, you can use it together with the knife sharpener. In this way, it can make the effect of sharpening a knife more precise and efficient.
  • MULTIPRUPOSE USE: There is no doubt that this diamond sharpening plate has a wide range of application and it can be widely used in all kinds of cutting tools, such as tools grinding, scissors, chisels, plane irons and kitchen knives and more.

Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig with Quad Setup Jig for Sharpening Workshop Tools • Woodturning Gouges • Chisels • Scrapers • Skews and Wood Carving Tools

$113.21  in stock
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as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • The Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig is the core component of the Oneway Wolverine line of grinding products. Producing razor sharp tools and finely finished bevels has moved from an art into a science. Owning the Wolverine Grinding Jig will ultimately save you time, frustration and money.
  • The Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig is the core component of the Oneway Wolverine line of grinding products. Producing razor sharp tools and finely finished bevels has moved from an art into a science. Owning the Wolverine Grinding Jig will ultimately save you time, frustration and money.
  • The included Quad Setup Jig helps you correctly set the proper grinding angles for Roughing Gouges at 45 deg, Parting Tools at 30-60 deg, Skews at 21.5-43 deg and Bowl Scrapers at 8 deg. Its called the “Quad Setting Jig” since one jig sets the correct angles for all 4 of the other HSS woodturning lathe tools. The Quad Setting Jig is designed to be used with 8” bench grinders.
  • Carpenter chisels up to 1-1/4" wide can be sharpened using the Wolverine's Vee-Arm. The arm is adjusted to set the bevel, and the chisel can be ground with small sideways motions and light cutting pressure. Three or four strokes on a strop will generate a razor sharp edge. The Wolverine Grinding Jig comes with a 3 x 5 inch adjustable platform which allows even large scrapers to be ground with ease.
  • Parting tools are sharpened using the platform. Laying it flat on its side on the platform gives a slight hollow grind which is very desirable for clean parting. The Wolverine's Vee arm can be used to sharpen skews, but a far superior method is ONEWAY's Skew Grinding Attachment (not included). With a finely dressed 80 or 120 grit wheel, even very small carving tools can be superbly ground using the standard Vee-Arm.

Wood Chisel Sharpener jig, Wood Chisel Sharpening Two jigs, Lathe Tool Sharpening, Sharpening Wood Lathe Tools. Best Way to Sharpen chisels, Metal Lathe, Wood Chisel Sharpening Tool

$45.00  in stock
as of August 25, 2022 7:27 pm


  • Wood lathe turning chisel sharpener .All made of steel - will last a lifetime and won't bend or break
  • Wood lathe tool sharpening system. Easy to use and set up.
  • Sharpening wood lathe tools. Slider adjuster - meaning it will suit any size chisel
  • Wood turning chisel sharpening jig . 2 Sharpening's in 1 jig - there are two ways of setting it up because there are two tools
  • Sharpening wood turning tools. Fits all size bench grinders

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