7 Best Router Tables of 2022

Yo mates..!! Welcome to allwoodtools. You are here to know about the best router table that you can actually buy under your budget without having to test it out manually.

And my name is Shawn Michael, professional carpenter based in toretto and I’ll be your wood partner and guide you to select the best matching router for your needs. I have 20+ years of experience in this wood carpenting field and I have tested 50+ router tables and have expertise in all of them. Every year over 60+ new model router tables enter the market with different kinds of specifications and new type technologies that can be used to finish the work faster and better in all aspects.

Not everyone has the budget to buy or test all these newly available router tables. I have checked the internet for a proper guide about woodworking tools and router tables, but I haven’t found any. Since I have experienced most of the router tables I decided to blog about my reviews and help my fellow professionals. Because Sharing is Caring.

Continue reading to get recommendations for the best router table that suits your needs and budget.

First let me get straight to the point. Since few people will always want to know the results quickly. According to my 85+ tests done on the newly launched router tables I declare the below ones as the winners.

If you are quite sure about them, just follow the link and buy them. If you wanted to know more details and wanted to know more about the tests that were conducted on the routes then that’s awesome. You are welcomed to continue below. Below contains detailed analysis of all top 10 best router tables that are available on the market. All the router tables that are below the budget $500 and router tables below $1000 are reviewed in detail here.

How to pick the best router table?

There may be hundreds of router tables available in the market but only a few router tables are the best ones that can match your needs. Let’s get to know about a few criteria which are important while choosing a table for your needs.

1. Always look for a Flat Table with solid surface

Flatness is considered as the first criteria while choosing a router table and you definitely know why. Closely examine the table and make sure that the table doesn’t have any bend or flex in the middle. Because these bends in the middle of the table might cause inaccurate cuts in the wood. Also the table must be strong enough to hold the wood piece and router weight. For example the best table in terms of the flatness and strength is MDF. This MDF tables have a lot of advantages such as scratch resistant and pressure laminate coating and thus it will last for several years.

Also you can use one with phenolic resin top, because it is much rigid and does not retain the moisture. It is one of the best ever material in the router table category. So before finalising the product you need to make sure to check the flatness of the surface.

2. Flat based routers are much preferable

The base of the router must be made of aluminium or soild phenolic because it should support the weight of the router in all cases. It should be surfaced so that the router table achieves the best stable position. A router table should have ideal thickness around a range of 1″. So you must consider this also while selecting your router table.

3. Plate leveling options must be flexible:

The area between the bit assembly and the table is covered by the base plate itself. The base plate must be placed such that it gets leveled with the bit and the table. This kind of setup is easily done with the help of Allen Wrench. But a good router table must not use some other tools to adjust the stability. It must have some options itself for adjusting or leveling. Such arrangement may be like a set of four screws that can be used to raise or lower to get the best flat fit. There are some good mechanisms available in modern day routers.

4. Mounting must be easy:

This thing depends on whether you have planned to use router as a free hand tool or not. If you are planning to add more customised options to the router then it should be understood that moving around the router table with these much customizations are not possible frequently. If you have no plans for customisation and planning to move the router table frequently then you need to consider this first. Check whether the router table gives you the comfort of moving around easily.

5. T-slots and Miller guage :

Both of these features are just an extra addition and most people don’t require them as default option with the router table. Miller guage is a tool that is used for cutting dados. If you are frequently cutting dados then I guess you may not look for this miller guage as a default option. These milller guages are mostly placed at a safe distance from the fence position. Also the T-slots. Both these tools are always less prefered as a default option.

6. Flat, Rigit and Adjust friendly Fence:

Like we have already seen before for choosing the best flat table surface, we should also make sure that the fences must also be flat and rigid. The fences are made of many kinds of materials. They may be made of wood too. On the way to the bit the wooden pieces produce a lot of lateral pressure as they scrape and this fence should be able to bear with them and not easily flake off. Also the fence should have the capacity to adjust easily. If the fence is free flowing, only then it will be easy to restore the bit isolation anytime. So while choosing your router table kindly look for this too.

Best Router Table 2022 Reviews

1. Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table

If you think you might get into a situation to use larger wood pieces and you need to have very precise work with it then this is the one you are looking for. This router table is precisly designed for handling the larger work pieces and to use hands on with larger work pieces with precision. This has an awesome surface area of 24 inches by 32 inches (24″ x 32″. .

This router table comes with a little higher price tag but it’s worth when you look at it’s features. We have tested it for a while and found some of the most lovable advantages in this kreg table.

It has the height adjustment system that helps you to work at your convenient levels. It also has Milter and T-track combo which can enhance the flexibility. While it comes to accident prevention it has some special features like double feather boards that can prevent the damage. Also this router table has good dust collection mechanism which helps the machine to last longer.

Also the kreg PRS1045 Precision router table has the stands built with stainless steel which helps it to withstand a lot of weight and also has no compatibility issues. If you are willing to spend more for stability, precision and better performance then this kreg PRS1045 Precision router table is the good choice.


  • Greater surface area 24 inches x 32 inches
  • Anti – dust qualities
  • Better height adjustment posibilites
  • Stainless steel body helps with lot of weight
  • Good Value for price.


  • Nothing notable because professionals love this.

2. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

The name is enough , I guess. Bosch. Yet still let me explain some of the most desirable qualities of this wonderful router table. The first thing that is to be highlighted in this router table is compatibility. This table supports nearly most routers available. So changing machines won’t be a problem.

As we see before, the Kreg PRS1045 precision table is made of stainless steel. But this Bosch RA1181 Benchtop router table is made of aluminum fence. The best part is that the mounting plates are also based on Aluminium. Also this bench enables one to add extra accessories as per the need. Needless to say, the surface area of the router table is 27 inches x 18 inches. (27″x18″..

Then on talking about adjustability, bosch rocks in it. Any basic and popular wood routers can be connected with the table at ease. All things will take about a few minutes. It also has two adjustable feather boards with dual outlets. Ans yes just like the previous kreg table this bosch RA1181 Benchtop also has provisions for dust collections and it helps to keep your table neat and tidy.


  • Bosch credits you with an absolute 1 year warranty so that you feel it’s riskless to buy it.
  • Pre-attached dust collection tools.
  • Quick router setup of any kind.
  • Power cord will be of size 6ft. So you can reach the power port even at a longer distance.


  • It has plastic legs which may sometimes interfere with precision cuts.
  • Nothing much to tell. It’s really less of a product.

3. Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

Looking for some small cute handy router for some comfortable easy work? Then you are at the right place. This is one of the most best rated routers that makes very less noise and doesn’t get fooled by its size. This router table can give you the best precise work with less mess happening with the table. The surface area of the table is 25 inches and 15.5 inches, which is quite low when compared to the previous routers.

Like the previous model Bosch RA1181 this model also has the aluminum fence that contains feather boards which are adjustable based on the requirements. It also has a powerful mounting plate. Just like the previous one this router table also comes with the compatibility setup that will be very helpful when you like to change routers frequently over the table. It also accepts a lot of customisations. Even if you are buying routers from other brands you need not be worried much. It will definitely fit and work with this router.

This router table also has the dual outlet switch and also the place for dust collection.


  • Small in size and compact in nature.
  • Low noise as compared to some big machines.
  • Suitable for small budget folks.


  • It has smaller workspace. Some people may need some good workspace in critical times.
  • Nothing else. It’s really a recommended product.

4. Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

Are you looking for a complete professional and full fledged router table? You don’t want to compromise performance and quality for price? Then here you go. This product is rightly made for you. Many professionals like me are using this product for doing their professional jobs and not only for hobby. Only thing is that this router table is a bit costlier and you might be paying a little more than that of the standard price. No worries. This product is worth to the money that you pay.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table has that aluminum fence that will help you do your precision cuts like a pro. Some of the notable features are micro dot surface and MDF Top. Like all the above previously discussed router tables this is very compatible and suits any kind or brand router on the table. Some of the pros are features that include no vibration, good alignment and noiseless working model. You can assemble the Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table within minutes and it is easy to start your work with.

This is definitely a choice for true professionals and don’t worry about the bit high price. Our users those brought this table always gave the good reviews for it. Also let’s break down the above findings in pros and cons.


  • Complete professional choice router table.
  • Best for all kinds of professional works
  • Contains every single feature and there is no need to buy some extra addons
  • No compromise in performance and quality.


  • Bit Pricey. Yet Powerful and Professional.
  • Not suitable for a low budget and too high to begin with.

5. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension

You have a medium budget and also looking for a machine that will help you with more than routine tasks alone? Then let’s choose this baby here. This table Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron is the most versatile table we have talked about till now.

One main feature is that it has a dual slot fence configuration so that you can work from either side. It has a T-slot that can assist you with storing things. This table is really the best choice for small workshops that want to buy a router table.

Simply like any other best router tables this table is also noise free or little noise. Less vibrations and also it only consumes less space so those workshops that have space constraint can definitely consider this while buying. Also be known that this router table company gives you a warranty so to make your purchase a risk-free one. So this is the best router table we recommend for small workshops. Even it has some cons like being noisy, not much but little high compared to the previous routers.


  • Small and very compact.
  • Efficient dust collection methods
  • Quite steady that others
  • Best for workshops who loves compact sized router tables


  • Takes quite little time to assemble it.
  • Not much cons. You can buy it with confidence

6. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Are you professional? Looking for some high end router table that could provide you all the features so that you can only worry about orders and not the making router table? Then we are suggesting you to go with this. It’s surface measurements are like 16 inches x 24 inches. This size is not too big and not too small. The best part is that it will fit into small workshops or studios as well.

So now you’re gonna ask what’s the best part in this machine? Let me tell you . If I had to quickly point out one best part, I will tell you about the increased stability. Irrespective of the nature of the work, this table withstands most of the heavy usage. As you guessed it has the aluminum fence and MDF top part. The aluminum fence that we are talking about has this adjustable feature that also helps in quick assembling.

If you are a professional and have a medium budget and still require the best professional router table then I definitely suggest you to go with this Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table. It’s one awesome router table.


  • Small and compact to work with.
  • Low price and no compromise in quality.
  • Best for professionals


  • No bad cons found as of now. You are good to go.

Best Budget Router Table In 2022

1. Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

This guy won most of the hobbyists’ hearts out there. Very compact and very powerful router table. The surface measurements of the router table are 22 inches x 16 inches. Yes you are right. This table also has the best dust collection tools and low noise production as we discussed earlier.

The thing most people love about this table is the compactness and since it is very compact the portability of the router table is very much easy. Especially if you are more frequent in rearranging your workshop then definitely you should give this thing a try. Portability won’t be an issue for you anymore.

This router table is vey much stable and helps to do your cuts and tasks precisely. Also it is very easy to assemble and start working on your tasks.

2. Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

Before diving into the review of this nice router table let me make you clear that this router table is only for newbie workers and also it works better only if you’re gonna use the soft wood. Also this is one of the most beautiful products that we have seen so far. This is a very simple one but no less in functionality. It has a nice smooth surface that gives the ability to slit, groove and edge easily without working it hard.

This Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table can easily deal with the irregular shapes and works best with the soft wood types. As you can the picture it’s a compact product that suits frequent portability and occupies only less space compared to the other counterparts.

But we also should note the cons such as no dust collection methods and you can’t work with larger or harder objects. Our only suggestion is that if you are starting with with wood work then you should go with this basic adorable Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

3. SKIL RAS900 Router Table

Friends, if you are here to get an affordable router table then you are at the right place. The guys who buy this are really lucky ones because this table always comes in pre-assembled format, so that buy and cut out the time in assembling and just use it right away.

This is a router table that has a very small surface area that might cause difficulties in things such as plugging in a large router to work with some large objects. This product is mainly designed for beginners and we can’t expect much facilities in this low budget router. Even though SKIL RAS900 Router Table contains a smaller workspace you can conduct all kinds of routing works with it.

Little tip: Few reviews from the people state that they find few difficulties in connecting the router in the table. Despite that, this router table is really worth a buy.

4. PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table

Heywood hobbyists. Here’s what you are looking for. This is really a perfect functional and weightless router that you can move easily. This one must be a perfect match for you , since you will be looking for an adorable router table that costs you less money and less space and provides you the facility to move around easily.

This PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table is not mainly for professionals. It works best only for hobbyists with some limited tasks to carry out. If you a

If you are willing to carry out more professional tasks with this router table then you may need some special addons to finish the task. Also it may not support many of the addons or additional tools available out there.

It also has a sturdy fitting table that helps you with precise cuts. If you are not looking for a high end router table and what one that fits your budget then this is the one you should choose.

5. Trim Router Table

As far as we have seen this is the best and cheap router table that I can recommend to you. I hope you are not looking for a professional table. This table composition is made out of vinyl material. It is steadily constructed and has the MDF surface. This table is known for its ultimate portability, you can literally place it anywhere you need and transport or move to your desired location.

Also this router table has some holes in it which helps to attach them to some bigger tables easily. If you are a newbie and need to start practicing some wood works for quite a low budget then definitely you should go for this.


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