10 Best veritas mkii honing guide price in 2022

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The Best veritas mkii honing guide price Comparison In 2022

The Best veritas mkii honing guide price In 2022

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Sharp Pebble Honing Guide - Chisel Sharpening Jig for Chisels and Planes - Fits Chisels 0.25” to 1.96”, Fits Planer Blades 1.41” to 3.22”

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as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • Precision Honing Guide with Amazing Results: Careful freehand sharpening can produce excellent results, but unpracticed techniques typically yield inconsistent results and dull tools. Using our honing guide will help you attain a wickedly sharp edge without hours and hours of practice. This Sharpening Jig Guide allows you to quickly select your preferred angle of sharpening and efficiently achieve a perfect edge on your tools and chisels
  • Stainless Steel Design: This chisel sharpener is solidly machined from premium Stainless Steel with a Bronze bearing. The high-quality materials and workmanship of this honing guide will make it last a long time
  • Easy to Use: Place the blade into the honing guide, then use the adjuster on the side to make the gap larger or smaller. Use the instruction manual or ebook measurements to tell you how far the blade needs to be protruding to get an accurate angle
  • Instructions Included: Honing jigs can appear very simple to use; however, there is more to them than most people realize. You'll get illustrated, step-by-step directions to help you get the perfect edge every time. Also, you'll get an eBook with more information
  • Pick Your Angle: All regular sharpening angles using this sharpening jig can be achieved by changing the tool projection. Projection measurements for angles are conveniently located on the instruction manual and in the eBook

Combination Knife/Tool Sharpening Stone (2 Sided - Ultra Fine & Medium Grit) - Rectangle Sanding Stone Block - Perfect for Sharpening & Polishing Knives, Tools, Bits, Chisels

$5.35  in stock
as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • Medium & Fine Grit- Medium Grit of 120 and Fine Grit of 240
  • Superior Wear-Resistant - Made from Aluminum Oxide.
  • Intended for Sharpening - All types of tools, knives, scissors, and utensils.
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry - Recommended honing oil for Fine Grit side.

Sharpal 196N ANGLE PYRAMID Whetstone Knife Blade Sharpener Sharpening Stone Angle Guide 2-Pack, 4 Universal Angles-14°, 17°, 20°, 25°

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as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • It makes sharpening blade edge like a pro!
  • Each integrated with 4 universal angles-14°, 17°, 20°, 25°
  • Patent pending design to guarantee exact angle regardless of blade size
  • The orange angle guide is with magnetic base applied to sharpening stone of ferrous metal construction
  • The black one is with anti-slip rubber pad base applied to traditional sharpening stone, ceramic whetstone, etc.

Wedgek Angle Guides 10 to 20 degrees for Sharpening Knives on Stone, Blue

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as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • Model: Wedgek AGM Medium size. For larger size model Wedgek LR5 is available.
  • Guides from 10 to 20 degrees. Up to 39 degrees when two guides tied together.
  • Length: 1-1/2" (38mm), Width: 7/8" (22mm), Height: 5/16 - 9/16" (9-16mm). Material: Plastic. Wedges from 10 to 20 degrees and 2 rubber bands are included.
  • Guide doesn't move with the knife. Set sharpening angle before each stroke. Steady hands are required to hold knife at the set angle. Please visit Wedgek dot com for Tutorial. See Angle Calculator at Tutorial to find the correct angle.
  • If not satisfied, please email us. We'll do our best to make you happy.

Sharpening Stone, IMAGE Knife Sharpening Stone 3000/6000/8000/10000 for Sharpener, Whetstone Sharpening Kit Professional Sharpening Plate Grindstone, Great for Scissors, Chisels and Carving Tools

$19.99  in stock
as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • 4 DIFFERENT SPECIFICATIONS: According to different degree of thickness and various grinding speed, the sharpening stone can be divided into four types: #3000, #6000, #8000 and #10000. You can choose one among four types to match up with your tools.
  • NATURAL STONE: The sharpening plate comes from natural stone, which is glossy and durable in use. The metal lines that have been polished are proved to be very soft and smooth, thereby polishing something fine and exquisite.
  • DURABLE IN USE: The sharpening stone is tough and wear-resisting when using it to sharpen all kinds of tools. More significantly, it can be used for a long period of time. The powder doesn’t fall off and the stone is not easy to wear out.
  • ADDITIONAL PURPOSE: Besides using it as a sole sharpening stone, it is compatible with professional knife sharpener. It can be well installed and fixed on the top of knife sharpener, so the polishing efficiency and accuracy have been greatly improved.
  • MULTIPLE-USE: The whetstone sharpening kit has a wide range of application and it can be widely used in all sorts of kitchen and garden tools such as knives, scissors, chisels, shave knives, planes and other tools.

TOLESA Honing Guide Jig for Wood Chisel Edge Sharpening Holder, (Chisels 1/8" to 1-7/8”, Planer Blades 1-3/8” to 3-1/8”)

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as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • 【Stable and Easy to Use】- TOLESA Chisel Honing Guide is well made and solidly constructed. Blades sharpening jig with sturdy clamping structure helps you hold firmly and maintain the correct angle during honing, effectively getting the perfect edge on your tools and chisels
  • 【Excellent Compatibility】 - You can adjust the clamping width range of the sharpener guide by rotating the screw cap. This chisel sharpening jig is suitable for chisels & blades in widths from 1/8" to 1-7/8" and flat irons in widths from 1-3/8" to 3-1/8"
  • 【Precise Angle Adjustment】 - You can obtain the desired edge angle by setting the protrusion distance of the blade. Chisel projection: 30mm for 30° and 40mm for 25° angles. Plane iron projection: 38mm for 30° and 50mm for 25° angles. We have included these wizards on the edge sharpening guide for your adjustment reference
  • 【High Quality Metal】 - TOLESA Chisel Sharpener is made of stainless steel and cast aluminum with anti-rust coating, which is strong and durable. The ball bearing of eclipse honing guide slides smoothly and is not easy to wear on the sharpening stone and whetstone
  • 【Multipurpose Tool】- Honing guide can be used for Wood Chisel, Planer, Blade, Graver, Graving Knife, Plane Iron, Flat Chisel, Edge Sharpening. And easily works on both oilstones and Waterstones

Sharp Pebble Large Flattening Stone- Dual Grit Coarse/Fine Sharpening Stones Flattener- Diamond Grooves Whetstone Fixer-Re Level Any Whetstones & Waterstones

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as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • ⛩ Double Side Flattening Stone: This innovative Flattening Stone is different from any other flattening stone in the market. It is a two-sided, dual grit, diamond grid flattening system designed to produce excellent flat surfaces on sharpening stones. Built from high-quality silicon carbide the flattening stone particles help in cutting sharpening stones material precisely. This makes it ideal for flattening as it cuts quicker and wears slower making it extremely strong and durable
  • Unique Design: Specially designed Diamond shaped grid pattern of the grooves quickly and efficiently removes only waste material while flattening any type of sharpening stones, whetstones, Oil Stones or Ceramic Stones
  • Extra Large Size: Our double-sided whetstone flattening stone has an extra-large total flattening area. Making it 3X times bigger than any other stone on the market & large enough to completely flatten any whetstone.
  • ⚛ Dual Grit: The 120 grit(Dark Grey) side is used to flatten coarse water stones with 900 grit & lower, this side provides the necessary cutting action to effectively flatten the stone. However, when flattening finer Waterstone, a coarse grit leaves a finish that you may find undesirable. So we have designed #320 grit(Light Grey) side for water stones with 1000 grit and higher
  • 100% Satisfaction: Not all Whetstone Knife Sharpeners are created equal. We only source premium quality material for the manufacturing of our Whetstone which will provide superior cutting performance. If you're not happy with any aspect of the whetstone, just let us know and we'll gladly replace your purchase

Whetstone Sharpening Stone 400/1000 Grit Kit,Whetstone Knife Sharpener Stone With Non-Slip Base,Chef Wet Stone For Knives,Blades,Waterstone Kitchen Gadgets

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as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • Knife Sharpening Stone Kit: Your complete knife sharpening kit comes with a double-sided (#400/ #1000) premium quality whetstone pocket sharpener.
  • Practical Every Skill Level: Complete sharpening stone set includes a dual side whetstone knife sharpener that will be applied to every skill level.
  • Safety And Easy: Our whetstone sharpening stones simple so to use and don't need physical effort. No need for oil. Which makes the process so easy and very EFFECTIVE even for BEGINNERS. The anti-slip base ensures the whetstone won't slip which makes sure safe.
  • Multipurpose: Wet stone sharpener kit for Japanese knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, chef, straight razor, ax sharpening, belt grinder, wood planer, block planer, plane irons, garden honing tools. Maybe your chisels will fall in love with you again too.
  • Quality: Each water stone has been put under a durability and functionality test before shipped to you. No crack, no Iron plaque, and side corner defect less than 3mm. LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect, try it risk-free to get a wonderful gift.

Knife Sharpening Stone Set – Dual Grit Waterstone 400/1000 3000/8000, AHNR Whetstone Knife Sharpener Kit with Leather Strop, Polishing Compound, Flattening Stone, Non-slip Bamboo Base & Angle Guide

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  • 〖COMPLETE KNIFE SHARPENING KIT〗This sharpening kit comes with premium quality grit 400/1000 3000/8000 waterstones, bamboo base, angle guide, flattening stone, polishing compound, leather honing strop and leather razor strop. Please choose the appropriate grit stone according to your knife blade. After Sharpening use the leather strop with polishing compound to put a true mirror on your blade edge.
  • 〖DESIGNED for ULTRA-PRECISE SHARPENING〗Even the high quality knives will eventually lose their cutting edge, and it is important to have a set of sharpening stones that suit your sharpening needs. When you want to ensure great performance from high-quality kitchen knives, this is the stone to use—it's designed for ultra-precise sharpening.
  • 〖SAFETY SHARPENING〗Keeping that knife's edge fine will make cooking safer. We understand the importance of safety when dealing with sharpening tools. That’s why we include 2 nonslip rubber bases, a bamboo stone holder and angle guide in every knife-sharpening kit. Minimize your risk of hazardous slips with Our Knife Sharpener Set!
  • 〖GET RAZOR SHARP EDGE〗This Leather Razor Strop is easy-to-use and helps align the micro-edge of any blade making them razor sharp. Stropping your knife blades, cutting knives and tools on this strop will ensure the sharpest edge for the great performance of your investment. It’s an good choice for many professionals like Chefs, Woodcarvers & Barbers to keep their tools razor-sharp.
  • 〖VERSATILE KNIFE SHARPENING STONES〗This Whetstone is made from professional grade white corundum corrosion & heat resistant, it is also very durable. This stone only requires water, no expensive honing oil needed! It can sharp ANY BLADE out there, be it kitchen knives, Hunting Knife Sharpener, Pocket Knife Sharpener, Scissor Sharpener, Chisel sharpener, Blade sharpener, Razor & it can even sharp a axe!

Whetstone Sharpening Stone Kit Dual Sided 400/1000 Grit Professional Whetstone Knife Sharpener Stone Wet Stone Set Nonslip Rubber Base Angle Guide, and Fix Stone

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as of September 4, 2022 2:26 am


  • ✅The CWINDY whetstone is made of premium white corundum. It has excellent features of self-sharpening. To guarantee the quality, it goes through 17 processes and 3 inspections.
  • ✅The complete kit comes with one double-sided (#400/ #1000) premium quality whetstone, one non-slip rubber base, one knife sharpening angle guide, one fix stone, and a manual.
  • ✅The low grit side is for refining the dull edge; the high grit is for polishing the edge. Don't throw away your dull knives. If you follow the instruction, you will be surprised.
  • ✅Suitable for almost all kinds of knives, straight razors, precision tools, planer tools, and chisels, EXCEPT for serrated blades and ceramic knives. It is a PERFECT GIFT for your family & friends.
  • ✅Place your order without risk, if you have any questions about the sharpening stone, please feel free to contact our customer service representative who is located in the U.S to better serve our customers.

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