Best Wood Fillers 2022

Wood filler is the important component in woodworking. These wood fillers are used to repair the cracks and drill holes in wood by sealing on it. And these wood fillers are stronger than compared to wood and these give you a smooth surface with nailhead finish. The wood fillers is also an absorption of strain and if you use the wood fillers in larger area then there will be an different while looking both wood and wood fillers because the wood fillers feels like plastic and using in large proposition will differs the wood and wood fillers and to make them even you have to give the opaque finish in the area. The wood fillers are mixed with glue and fill the cracks and drill holes in wood to repair it and also easier to match with color properties. If you’re newer to these products then our reviews will guide you to buy the best wood fillers and provide a better understanding about the wood fillers.

Best Wood Fillers 2022

1. Abatron WoodEpox Replacement Compound Wood Filler

Brand : Abatron

Item Weight : 8.33 pounds

Rating : 4.6

color: Brown

size : Full Size

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The Abaton WoodEpox is an epoxy wood filler and these wood filler is used for any permanent repairs of cracks and drill holes in wood or for the large area repairs in wood. And once these fillers get harder then it is difficult to remove and replace. Epoxy can easily mix and handle it like clay and these get hardened quickly and sand it like a wood. It will fill the repairs of door jambs and exterior molding and also window sills easily with smooth surfaces. These will harden easily in less than an hour and the product provides you sufficient time to paste the substance and not dry while mixing and provide time for well mix. But these wood fillers will not absorb stain as wood in surroundings will slightly differ like dark or light colors compared to wood colors even using the same color. And these wood fillers may not give better results while using them in softwoods. These wood fillers are commended for the hardwood and rough wood like oaks. The product comes with all necessity things like putty knives, plastic gloves, bottles for absolute beginners with easy starts.

2. Donald Durhams Rock Hard Water Putty

Brand : Donald Durham

Item Weight : 1.18 pounds

Rating : 4.7

color : white

size : 4 lbs

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The Donald Durham’s Rock Hard Water putty will combine any types of woods and these can be used to fill the concrete cracks also. In the market these water putty allow you to buy in lb and you can buy these water putty according to your recommended mission. These water putty will not take more time to get hardened but once the water putty is hardened and the cost of replacement or removal is expensive and these putty will stick hard. These Donald durhams come with soft powder and it needs to mix up with solvent like water to make the solution in 3:1 ratio with powder and water for the perfect combination and these solutions are ready to apply like paste in your decided area. And it will get hardened in less than an hour. But it is effective while using them indoors because the solution is water-based. The repairs the color of the putty and wood looks different so the additional layer paint is required to look better. You can use these water putty without the direct sunlight and rain and comparatively the cost of water putty is cheaper than wood fillers.

3. Elmer’s E887Q Stainable Wood Filler

Brand : Elmer’s products

Item Weight : 3.52 ounces

Rating : 4.3

size : 3.25 ounces

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These Elmer’s wood fillers are used for small jobs like projects and the pack comes with 3.25 ounce tubes and in the market you can buy the pack as depending on your needs. And these wood fillers are chosen by most in recent times because these packs wood fillers are made for actual wood fibers and that provide natural wood texture when used. If you’re looking for staining wood fillers then you can consider these products and the additional layers of paint will easily match to your wood and these are easy staining wood fillers. Before painting let the wood fillers to dry and these wood fillers are best for both indoors and outdoors and sand thoroughly and paint over it. If you’re looking for repairing the cracks and drill holes like small projects then this will be better for your choice but if you’re covering the larger area then scroll down there are many wood fillers.

4. J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty

Brand : J-B Weld

Item Weight : 0.98 ounces

Rating : 4.5

color : Tan

size : 3.5 Inch

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The Kwikwood putty is used for small jobs and it also comes with a 5 inch pack containing 1.6 ounces and 7 inch pack. These Epoxy putty allows you to repair the wood or rebuild the wood. The strength of these putty is 900 PSI and it allows you to apply on the surface of wood and rotten wood. You can apply these epoxy putty from PVC to window frames and for also general use. It will harden in less an hour and once it gets dry it looks like light tan color and sand thoroughly and it is ready to make drill holes without cracks because these putty have high-density. And when it dries it becomes hardened than the softwood. And these fillers are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

5. 3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler

Brand : 3M

Item Weight : 1 Pounds

Rating : 4.5

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The 3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler comes with 2 solutions: one contains the emulsion like substance and another is cream hardener. The solution has to mix well and apply over the area and in 15 minutes it gives a light tan brown color. The solution has more viscosity and it can easily get deeper into the substances and get hardened quickly. These wood fillers are mainly used for rotted wood replacements or small repairs. In the market consumers buy these products for almost everything like repairs or replacements in wood. Once the filler dries and the material gets hardened like hardwoods compared to softwoods. And these fillers are used for both indoors and outdoors. These wood fillers have low viscosity and if you’re new to these markets then these wood fillers will be safe for an easy start in a short time.

6. FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

Brand : Famowood

Item Weight : 1.6 pounds

Rating : 4.5

color :Natural

size : 24 Oz

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The Famowood has latex substance so it is known as Famowood Latex wood filler. As like other products, once these wood fillers dry and get hardened the cost of replacement and repairs are expensive. But it differs from other products as these wood fillers have the ability to absorb stain and you can stain according to the surrounding wood colors and easily match. And these wood fillers set easily and less than an hour. It is used both indoors and outdoors and the price is good and lets you feel the value of money is reasonable. Dries in 15 minutes and won’t crack or shrink and low odor and easily clean up with water. After it can be drill holes without cracks. And great for interior and exterior use. The stain will look like real wood and it completely matches.

7. Miller SF1203 Wood Stain Scratch Fix Pen / Wood Repair Marker

Brand : Miller products

Item Weight : 0.96 ounces

Rating : 4.4

color :black brown

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The Miller wood stain fix pen is the marker used for your small jobs and tasks. And these wood filler markers lets you 1000 coats. And these makers come with the small package and it absorbs stain and lets you choose the colors to match the wood. The marker already comes with natural wood color and it is effective only indoors and for small tasks. The price of these markers are cheap and affordable. It quickly dries and easily hardens coats to hide scuffs and stains. The markers come with a variety of colors and are easily suitable. And it contains waterproof wood stains and easily applied on any wood surface or even in furniture.

Types of Wood Fillers

In the market there are many wood fillers available and you need to know about what is wood fillers and how it works, you will learn more about this in the following reviews. The wood fillers can be classified majorly into two types, cellulose based and gypsum based.

Cellulose-Based Wood Fillers

The Cellulose-Based wood fillers are common and available in all normal stores. These come with paste or powder substances and mixable with water or solvent to make them as a solution and the solution is easy to cover the wide range area. The wood filler can be stored for a long time over years and the price of the wood fillers are cheap and effective. These cellulose-based wood fillers are easy to prepare and all you need to mix up with solvent. This only takes a few minutes and is effective in repairing rotten wood. These wood fillers have the ability to absorb the stains.

Gypsum-Based Wood Fillers

The Gypsum-based wood fillers come with powdered substances. And if you need to prepare the wood filler then mix up with the solvent like water and it will form a solid substance. And once the substance gets hardened the cost of repairs and replacements is expensive but the price of the substance is inexpensive provided it is affordable and reasonable. These substances look transparent and have a smooth surface. These stains easily over time and you need to paint a thin layer over to make it more effective. And these wood fillers are not waterproof so these are commended only indoors for effective results.

Vinyl-Based Wood Fillers

The Vinyl-Based wood fillers are water-based substances and the solution mainly used to repair the walls’ woods. Once the solution dries and it gets hardened and sand easily to paint over with a thin layer. But today some of the wood are acceptable fillers and for drill holes and small cracks in wood and their appearance looks like creamy texture because this will get deep into the wood, after applying it gives a smooth surface. The wood filler comes with a mix of calcium-carbonate and to make them dry in less time they use a catalyst called poly-vinyl acetate. These wood fillers give better results when applied in thin layers but if you applied these wood fillers for thick layers then it will result in repairing the cracks in the same area. These wood fillers are not stained easily but commended for layer of paint over the area for good looking. The vinyl-based wood fillers are plastic-based wood fillers and it is commended for outdoor because it is waterproof so it is more effective while using these fillers for outdoors.

Epoxy-Based Wood Fillers

The Epoxy-based wood fillers are in demand for recent years in the market. These wood fillers are petroleum-based so it is best for outdoors because these fillers are waterproof and weather resistant. These fillers also called adhesive fillers and these fillers are suitable for epoxy bonding situations high-density materials such as hardwoods and metals.

Wood Filler Application

The application of these wood fillers have several types. These wood fillers are not used only for repairing and replacement of woods. There are many uses of using wood fillers and you will see some common usage of wood fillers in the following paragraphs.

  • Hole filling
  • Wood Grain Smoothing
  • Flooring
  • Furniture Repair
  • Materials Bonding

Hole Filling

Using wood fillers for hole filling is common and if the holes are too long and deep it is not a problem to apply the wood fillers into the wood with depth. These wood fillers can easily do these drill holes. First, soften the surface area of hole before applying the wood fillers with sandpaper. Sand thoroughly on the place of applying the wood filler without dust or debris. And the final step is to fill the holes with the wood filler slowly but remember the wood filler should not be vinyl-based because these wood fillers will make cracks when applied as thick layers. And later paint over the area for a good look.

Wood Grain Smoothing

Wood grain smoothing the process of closing the minute poles in the woods by simply sanding it. There are different types of wood and each wood has different types of grains. And there is another way for wood grain smoothing by simply applying the wood fillers as a thin layer over the wood and finishing with polish it. These wood will give you smooth and soft feels while rubbing the wood. After you can apply some wood stains and make it more smooth.


You can use these wood fillers even for flooring. All needed to apply an oil-based wood filler on your floor properly and let them set. And don’t use water-based wood fillers for flooring for some reason. And then sand the wood using sandpaper and polish it. And apply wood stain to give the same color to the flooring and it is depending on your wood. For repairs or replacements of the flooring wood then use oil-based wood fillers.

Furniture Repair

The wood fillers are used for repairs or replacements of wood in furniture. You can replace the rotten wood in furniture with wood fillers by removing the dust and debris away and applying the wood fillers in the area with a thick layer. And you needed to apply the hardened wood fillers because it was going to hold the total weight or use wood hardeners rather than using the wood fillers. These are tougher than their counterparts

Materials Bonding

The wood fillers are tough and durable glue and in order to stick the two materials you needed to use wood fillers instead of using wood glue.wood glue is cheaper than wood fillers but the strength of the bonding of wood fillers with the materials is stronger than using wood glue.

Process of wood filling:

The wood fill is the step-by-step process if you simply follow the steps then you can easily do this better without experience. All you needed was some materials mentioned below to perform with a quick start.


The wood filler, wood glue, putty spatula, sanding sponge, and a few pieces of rags.


Prepare The Surface

Normally all wood has minute grains and to have to fill the grains by rub with sandpaper to polish the area. Then clean with a wet rag and clean the wood. After this the wood will feel smooth and soft.

Choose Your Wood Filler

There are several types of wood fillers and some wood fillers are used for indoors and others used in outdoors. You have to choose which is suitable for you and decide whether you’re going to use these wood fillers indoors or outdoors. And choose the right wood filler and go for the next step.

Apply The Wood Fillers

Apply the wood fillers over the wood with the help of a putty knife. Don’t apply too much filler and apply on the area of holes and cracks smoothly over the wood.

Let It Dry

And finishing the above step let it dry for hours or until it gets hardened and the time of drying depends on the wood filler you chosen one. Leaving for an hour will result in an effective way to get hardened.

Sand and Clean Again

Once the wood fillers get dries use sandpaper and sand over the wood. The wood will get an even and smooth surface. And after this process clean the wood with the wet rag.

Final Treatment

Now you can apply a thin layer of polish or paint. All depending on your wood and your choice but after finishing your tasks successfully it is hard to find the repairs or replacements places.

How To Prepare Wood Filler

The first step is depending on the wood filler that you have chosen one. Maybe the wood filler comes with powder substances or like solvent. And these solvent can be water or alcohol-based liquid, for example thinner. Use a putty spatula for mixing up the solvent. Make the solution not too dry and not too diluted if the solution is other than these two then the solution is ready to paste. But remember you will only get a small time to apply the fillers on the cracks or holes. Once you prepare the solution then there is no time to waste. It will quickly dry.

Wood Fillers Vs. Wood Putty

The both wood fillers and wood putty do the same jobs but differ in their behaviour. You will understand these differences in the following below.

Wood Filler

Wood fillers are made up of water-based putty and the solution contains some chemicals like latex, clay, epoxy. Once the wood fillers are mixed up with water or solvent then it is ready to set in less than an hour. So it makes it a little bit easier for beginners to start with it. These wood fillers also provide wood stains because they already come with a mix of pigments. The time of drying will separate it because the wood fillers will take 10 to 15 minutes to set but the water putty will have no wait time and allows you to grains more in productivity.

Water Putty

Water putty is an oil-based filler and contains calcium carbonate. And these water putty is used in flooring and oil-finishes. These water putty can be used both indoors and outdoors because of the resistance and waterproofness. The main advantages of water putty is cheaper than wood fillers and these will be available in all local stores. Water putty is used in large areas like flooring or using large quantities so while using the wood fillers for flooring the price will be expensive. The water putty will take 48 hours to dry or maybe 2 weeks but the wood fillers will only take a minute to dry. The time is so much compared to wood fillers. But the performance of these water putty is good and cheaper, oil-based fillers give oil finishes.


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